Seeking sanctions against the Attorney General of Georgia for Hiding Evidence


In this article I am including three attachments. One shows sanctions against Attorney general Sam Olens in the Stacey Kalberman case which dealt with ethics charges involving Nathan Deal. Another attachment is the plaintiff’s reply to the defendant’s response to motion for sanction. The third which I have also copied and pasted below in text as well is a letter by Stephen Humphreys written to Sam Olens. In the letter, the attorney asks for an immediate retraction of injurious comments made by the Attorney general to the media.

I would advise you to listen to the audio interview below first, then read the documents in this article for proof. Additional documents can be found here.

audioPlease listen to an interview by 1340 WGAU News from Athens, GA. at 8:50 a.m., Monday, March 23

On a personal note, I want to add my own commentary. Sam Olens has done a fantastic job portraying himself as the “Golden Boy” of Sunshine Laws. His work with Nydia Tisdale for example should be applauded by fighting the mayor of Cumming, Ga for violation of Open Meeting laws. However, that does not excuse his actions in the Kalberman case nor all these other whistleblower cases where Mr. Olens has been far from an ally of sunshine laws or of indeed of justice.

It is time others in the media woke up and realized that far from being the “Golden Boy” he has become an obstructionist and protector of a lot of injustices within the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia.

When wrongs are committed by state officials he doesn’t need to go out of his way to look for procedural exceptions and sovereign immunity to prevent these case from advancing to a trial by jury. Attorney general Sam Olens is behaving like a defense attorney trying to protect criminal defendants. Former AG’s have viciously criticized his behavior and actions.

In a letter to the editor, Marietta attorney John Salter cites sections of Georgia law he claims would give Olens authority to conduct such investigations and says in part, “None of us are naive to the partisan uses of ‘ethics investigations’ in elections. But my concern is an issue that may linger long after this fall’s election cycle: the claim by Owens (sic) that, as attorney general, his office ‘lacks authority’ to investigate allegations of public corruption. Olens’s explanation might surprise former Attorney General Michael J. Bowers, who did exactly what Olens claims he cannot: investigate state officials for public corruption.”

Salter adds, “As attorney general, Olens is using public money to settle whistleblower lawsuits making allegations that, at minimum, embarrass the administration and, at worst, may involve more real abuse. Olens regards his ‘authority’ as robust enough to use public money to buy people’s silence but too puny to investigate the truth. That is a disgrace, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.”

Let the truth and facts come out Mr. Olens. If what you have said is true, then why are you fighting so hard to prevent trials?  He might be able to fool some in the media that these suits are frivolous, but the reality is they are anything but. All these cases are based on facts, include proof of wrongdoing, and need to have their day in court by a jury of their peers.

Sam Olens has been using Sovereign Immunity to protect a lot of sleazy and questionable behavior by government officials and it is time he stopped being a barrier and instead acted as a defender of justice.  He needs to remember the people he is sworn to serve are the very ones he is harming.  Let these people have their day in court and stop trying to derail the wheels of justice.

By refusing to do his job, Olens has made it clear that he is providing political protection for Governor Nathan Deal. With Olens, political favors trump law and order. Couple that with his suspicious charter Flight timing and his equally suspiciously timed luxury trip with Nathan Deal to Israel and you start to see a troubling pattern emerge.

The truth always has a way of coming out in the end and you might want to remember that. Stop trying to cover up flagrant abuses and crimes Mr. Olens. Let these cases be heard!

Please read Meet your Attorney General Sam Olens for more details on past transgressions.


The Honorable Sam Olens

Attorney General of Georgia 40 Capitol Square, SW Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1300

Dear Attorney General Olens,

March 20, 2015


I am respectfully writing to request that you correct and retract knowingly false and defamatory statements made to the Georgia media intended to injure me in my professional reputation.

In response to my request to Governor Nathan Deal to appoint a special attorney general to investigate the criminal allegations in the RICO actions I have filed against the Attorney General and the Board of Regents, you and your agents responded in place of the Governor that I was wasting the time of the Attorney General’s office with “attention-seeking gimmicks” and claims that are “frivolous” and “nonsensical.” These statements were made to and published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 9, 2014.

In September of 2014, you and your agents also made comments to the media that the allegations of the complaints I filed were “outlandish conspiracy theories.” These statements are knowingly false given the documentation of the allegations in your possession. You and your agents called me an outlandish conspiracy theorist—that I know of–both to CBS-TV and WABE Radio.

On their face, these false statements injure my reputation and expose me to public ridicule, and are clearly intended to do so. They can not be considered fair statements made in good faith, in light of the voluminous evidence in possession of the Attorney General’s office contradicting them—some of which evidence documents wrongdoing by the Attorney General’s office itself, which heighten the level of inherent bad faith.

These statements were made despite the documentation in your possession supporting the allegations of these complaints, and despite the fact that your office had admitted in court pleadings many of the criminal RICO predicate acts alleged in

P.O. Box 192 Athens, Georgia 30603 Email (706) 207 6982

the Complaints. All allegations in the complaints are, as you know, supported by authenticated USG records.

Therefore, I am formally requesting you to correct and retract these and any other knowingly false statements made to the media, or published to any other third party, concerning my professional conduct and reputation in the manner required by law. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


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