Riot Breaks out after Lil’ Boosie Fails to Show at Event


Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 1.47.53 PMTorrence Hatch, aka rapper Lil Boosie, was scheduled to appear at Whiskey River in Macon, Ga but failed to arrive. After he failed to appear the angry crowd took out their anger and frustration on the venue and began smashing up the place. The event was organized by a promoter called M.B.P. Promotions based in Tennessee. VIP fans paid up to $500 for seats.

On Facebook it listed the event on July 3 from 9:00pm to 3:00am. Reports on Facebook from those that attended seemed to suggest it was a crowd of well over 1,000 with very long and slow moving lines to enter. Here is the promo video for the event.

lil boosie

Lil’ Boosie facebook Page

After several hours of waiting and not being told Lil’ Boosie would not be performing, some in the crowd became enraged and destroyed some of the furniture inside the club out of anger for feeling ripped of and after hours of not having been told the truth. There were no reports of serious injuries, but three minor injuries were treated at the scene by EMS and released.

According to reports on Facebook and Instagram from people that were at Whiskey River last night, some speculate the reason Lil’ Boosie was a no show was because his parole officer said he couldn’t perform at whiskey River because it’s considered a club and in violation of his terms of probation which presumably forbid him from performing at night clubs. Lil’ Boosie was released from a prison commonly known as Angola on March 5. His parole will likely last the full term of his sentence, which would end June 18, 2018. Hatch’s parole and probation restrictions include  stipulation that he be required to ask permission to leave the state and other restrictions like avoiding scenes with drug or alcohol uses like clubs.

Hatch first entered the prison system in 2009 when he pleaded guilty to a third-offense marijuana possession charge, earning him a total of four years when the judge determined Hatch had also violated probation. In 2011, Hatch pleaded guilty toattempting to smuggle drugs into prison, which added eight years to his sentence.

In May 2012, Hatch avoided more time when a jury acquitted him in the 2009 murder of Terry Boyd. Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding was sentenced to life without parole July 9 for the Boyd slaying.

Some fans speculate the promoters had time to cancel and refund the tickets much earlier that night instead of keeping them outside in long lines waiting which led to flared tempers.

There are some unverified reports that Lil’ Boosie was never in Georgia at all last night and was at the Essence Festival in New Orleans instead. Another person reported he was spotted in Houston, TX but it is not clear where Lil’ Boosie was last night other than not performing at Whiskey River in Macon, GA.

The event promoters didn’t issue refunds last night which led to the anger and destruction of property. It is not clear if M.B.P. Promotions will change their mind and issue any refunds moving forward. Hang on to your ticket stubs just in case.

Here is Lil’ Boosie’s Apology video.

Fans are still outraged that he didn’t appear and they can’t get refunds. Here are a few comments to Lil’ Boosie’s Instagram feed. If you would like to share your own eyewitness reports or additional video or photographs please contact us.

 kelleh_b Umm im very upset…we are currently in line at whiskey river in macon and have been for over an hour! We have bought tickets and they are not letting us in also they are saying the show is canceled!! Money needs to be reimbursedd!!!! @officialboosieig 14h

 aslyconia302 I’m sitting in the Mac Waiting now… Line around the building.. Ijs.. 14h

 donnablesseddd WOW BOOSIE THIS HOW U TREAT YOUR FANS ??? @officialboosieig 14h

 justmarie_nomilk @officialboosieig bruh you was my favorite fuckin wrapper n u didn’t even show the fuck up!! Bruhhhh I’m serious to heartbroken. 12h

 chiquitac40 Officialboosieig these some mad folks at whiskey river shooting &all life in jeopardy smh 12

 yeezusiam Lmaooo boosie ass in Houston #AintNoBoosieBihh 11h

 rated_redd @officialboosieig you really tried your fans tonight smh.. Now whiskey have to remodel because of your no show… Smh 11h

  iamhairbymikag Disappointed a lot of people in Macon Ga , you may have lost a lot of fans last night !!!! In I actually purchase this album …. Im an angry fan !!!! 5h

  nonchalant1971 The type of fans that deserve the truth from the beginning. Did the PO say he couldn’t go The day of? Are y’all refunding any of his fans money? I’m grown af and was gonna go. Glad i saved my coins @mvhmg !!!! 1h

 king_chit12 Real street niggaz n bitchez aint mad at boosie from my city. We found out 3am he wasn’t coming aint no telling how long that video came out. Plus they cucci azz had time for the migos to replace him. We didn’t wanna see them niggaz.. so we fucced the club up. Nothing new to us just got jugg by janky promoterz. Cuzz we fucc witcha bad azz

 iambighead @dagoddoe600 @djblacboi even if this story is tru, which more than likely isnt. Why wud they wait to 3am to tell it. We been in this biz too long for peeps to still be doing bad biz. It wuda been easy to just publicly cancel the show and give refunds. Do #goodbusiness get #goodresults 19min

Shanika B Well everyone there didn’t damage the club and some of my friends inside got hurt people falling all over on top of people and getting hit with chairs and they made the rest of us stand outside 3 hours til we just left we couldn’t even get in but they was charging some people ppl $80-$100 to get on in even taking them to side doors. Never again will I do it.

Aftermath of Lil' Boosie no show at Whiskey River in Macon, GA

Aftermath of Lil’ Boosie no show at Whiskey River in Macon, GA


The Bibb County Sheriff’s office issued this release over the incident.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident that occurred in the early morning hours on Saturday, July 4th  at about 02:30am at the Whiskey River Club located at 4570 Pionono Avenue.  It was reported that Rapper,  Lil Boosie , was scheduled to perform at the Whiskey River Club.  The tickets were sold by M.B.P. Promotions out of Tennessee up until he was to perform. Lil Boosie was unable to make the performance.  When the patrons were informed that Lil Boosie was not going to perform they demanded their money back but were denied reimbursement by M.B.P. Promotions. The patrons became upset and began throwing items and knocking over tables. No one was seriously injured in the incident.  There where three people who were treated for minor injuries and released by EMS at the club.