Nathan Deal Backtracks on Confederate License Plate


(Update: A day after this article was published, Nathan Deal did as we predicted and now wants a redesign of the license plate in Georgia. The current license plate has a large Confederate flag faded in the background and a smaller one on the left. Deal’s proposal is to remove the large faded flag from the back and keep the smaller version only. I doubt this will make the critics happy)

NEW confederate tag

After the shooting in Charleston many have felt outrage that what many see as a symbol of slavery and racism still flying high at the South Carolina capital in Columbia. But the issue of the Confederate flag has now spread far beyond the borders of South Carolina. Just today Walmart is set to remove items with Confederate flag from shelves and eBay will also ban the sale of Confederate flag merchandise. Politicians are also scrambling to now take cover.

The South Carolina General Assembly is expected to consider on Tuesday whether to amend its agenda to allow lawmakers to consider Gov. Nikki R. Haley’s suggestion that the state remove the divisive Confederate battle flag from the State House grounds in the aftermath of the Charleston church massacre.

Republican presidential candidates are changing tunes and are now on board with the removal of the flag. Only a few days ago they were all refusing to make any comment and instead chose to say it was up to the states to decide. Most even refused to acknowledge the motives of the terrorist were about race and instead said he was targeting “Christians” even though he told people it most certainly was due to the fact they were black. He killed the nine victims because of their race not their religion.

Larry Wiltmore on the Nightly Show skewered both South Carolina and Republican candidates who have artfully dodged this issue on his late night comedy show.

Nathan Deal Supported Confederate License Plate Last Year

Old Georgia Flag

Former Georgia Flag that helped get Nathan Deal Elected

Nathan Deal largely won his first election as Governor because Roy Barnes had changed the flag of Georgia and voters were mad at him.  Governor Roy Barnes changed the flag of the state of Georgia because it had featured the Confederate battle emblem since 1956, the year the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum and in South Carolina it has been used since around that same time period as well.

Nathan Deal was a Georgia state senator from 1981 to 1993. In 1992, he was elected to Congress. In 1995, four months into his second term as Congressman, he switched parties and became a Republican after he saw the tide turning red in Georgia. He has always been more of a flip-flopping opportunist than a man with any strong convictions. 

Yesterday (june 21, 2105) Nathan Deal’s chief henchman/fixer Brian Robinson posted this tweet. Robison is very acerbic and often does battle in the #gapol (Georgia Politics) room with anyone that dare challenge his boss. His choice of a pirate avatar seems quite apropos given how Nathan Deal has plundered the state economy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.04.57 PM

The problem with this Tweet is it just doesn’t jive with past statements by Nathan Deal. Here is what he said just LAST YEAR in this video! 

“I don’t think that it is something that we should be that concerned about,” Nathan Deal

“Hopefully, those who take offense at it will look at the fact that it is a part of a cultural heritage of our state.” Nathan Deal

Even in conservative Texas they just won a Supreme Court decision last week that says the state can reject Confederate license plates. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today (June 23) said that he favors the removal of the Confederate flag from some Tennessee specialty license plates. Mitt Romney was the first prominent Republican to ask for the removal and now all the Presidential candidates and people like Nathan Deal are doing their best to scurry and avoid any fallout.

Just like Deal switched parties to stay elected, he can just as easily switch on this issue as well and we expect he will soon if polls tell him he should. Though since he will no longer run for office again he may just wait and hope this controversy dies down. To date though old Slippery Nate has remained silent on the issue of the license plate. He hasn’t said about a peep about removing the license plate. 


Many people in Georgia have been fighting for years to have that specialty Confederate license plate removed. So as much as Slippery Nate and his pirate spokesman might want to weasel out of this controversy and pretend Georgia is immune they aren’t fooling anyone. Better Georgia launched a petition to lawmakers to stop issuing Confederate flag license plates yesterday.

By the way Brian Robinson, how is that tax collection from Copart coming along? I seem to remember your boss promising to collect every last penny of that $74,000,000 they owe Georgia. I’m sure they are making their monthly payments of $20,00 to Nathan Deal and his pal for that bizarre junkyard lease agreement. Pretty strange agreement considering they overpaid for that failing business. It is hard to understand why a company would ever agree to onerous monthly lease terms as part of that sale when they could have easily bought other junkyards or built their own for far less money. Funny that….

Dear Brian Robison: We would love to see you Tweet about when Copart will pay their taxes owed,  but I am guessing Captain Deal would have you walk the plank if you did and you would be shark bait.

The first national flag of the Confederate States of America. This is known as “The Stars and Bars”

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.59.13 AM

The current flag of Georgia. A strong nod to the Stars and Bars with the state seal added in the corner but otherwise identical.