Meet the Sam Olens-BOR’ Crime Family


Corruption in Georgia runs very deep. This was originally published by Bill Simon at the Political Vine on December 8th, 2013. To date nothing has been done to address any of these issues. In fact, Sam Olens the man responsible stands a good chance to get re-elected since so few know of the role he has played in allowing Georgia to rank dead last as the most corrupt state in the country.

Meet the ‘Olens-BOR’ Crime Family

by Bill Simon


Have you ever stopped to think why it is that in the State of Georgia, there really isn’t any headline-making mass of “organized crime” taking place?

By “organized crime,” I mean the stories you hear about coming out of New York City and Chicago, et al. involving all kinds of crimes, drugs, prostitution, payoffs of public officials, etc., and the names of these “crime families” that resemble really good pizza restaurant joints.

Is it because Georgia’s law enforcement community is just so much more stellar an operation than those folks in NY and Chicago? Is it because the Mafia would rather experience brutally cold winters than Georgia winters? Is it because there are few to no unions in Georgia to work with the Mafia to build areas of criminal activity?

Nahhhhhh…it’s none of those kinds of reasons. The basic reason is that there is already in place a very large, very protective-of-its-territory, very paranoid…and, of all things, a very well-funded “crime family” that is firmly rooted in Georgia that scares away any of the ‘normal’ mobsters from any other place in the U.S. or world from thinking about coming here.

Because…in actuality, it is by constitutional design that the State of Georgia is, itself, THE organized crime family of Georgia.

Okay, so, yeah, I get you…imagining that the “entire” State of Georgia is a criminal organization is a massive concept to grasp, but I’m going to make it really easy for you to understand this by way of a specific example that has just made its way into the light of day.

Note that when I denote “Georgia” as the “State of Georgia,” that it is the legal entity I am referring to here. Like a corporate entity.

So, let’s go to the Constitution of Georgia, Article V, Section III, Paragraph IV; Attorney General, Duties:

“The Attorney General shall act as the legal advisor of the executive department, shall represent the state in the Supreme Court in all capital felonies and in all civil and criminal cases in any court when required by the Governor, and shall perform such other duties as shall be required by law.”

Now, back to the analogy of the crime families of New York. What kind of legal situation do you think would be set-up if the NY prosecutor in a case against a mob-family also turned-out to be the defense attorney for the mob-family?

What if his office was specifically designated to play both roles by constitutionally-defined duties? Do you think there would be an opportunity there for some legal shenanigans to occur with some evidence not being brought forward, or half-assed depositions occurring, or witnesses lying to the court and not being challenged by the prosecutor, etc…..all because, the prosecutor’s actual job is, really, to defend the mob family at all costs, and not actually prosecute them?

Back to Georgia in real time: Because of the specific way the Attorney General’s duties are spelled-out, and carried-out, he/she (whatever gender you want) has the duty to act as the civil defense attorney for any state-level entity that is accused of doing wrong (i.e., if someone sues any state entity, Board of Regents, or other)…and, therefore, even if there are personnel who work for the state, and engage in criminal activity in the promulgation of their duties, the state AG’s office, under current AG Sam Olens, as well as Thurbert Baker before him, believed it was their responsibility to act in as corrupt and criminal and crooked a manner as they deem necessary to ensure any of their “clients” did not get discovered to actually be breaking laws of this state while being in the employ of the State of Georgia.

This is the situation when it comes to a case brought to light yesterday by CBS Atlanta News (as well as another case that will make its way into the light soon).

RICO Violations by Georgia BOR & The Office of AG Olens

Here’s the first paragraph to this linked CBS Atlanta story:

“FULTON COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) – A University of Georgia professor accused the state’s attorney general of mob-like criminal activities in a lawsuit filed in Fulton County state court Thursday.”

I encourage you to go read that CBS Atlanta story, as well as view the video.

What is alleged/accused is that the AG’s office worked in concert with members of the Board of Regents, as well as University System of Georgia personnel in deliberate actions taken in violation of Georgia’s RICO statute, found under OCGA 16-14-3.

If you want to know what Georgia’s RICO statute is about, here is a link to a copy of it (it’s a fun read).

Late this afternoon, I received a copy of the 96-page lawsuit (available here). Haven’t had time to read it, but, based on what I personally know about the actions taken by Sam Olens (as well as several of the ‘Special Assistant Attorney Generals’ in his employ) in another case, I trust that the lawyer for Professor Benedek has done a very good job in gathering evidence, and he knows his stuff with the RICO accusations leveled against Olens and the Board of Regents.

There is much more to come with regards to the criminal activities of members of the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia personnel, the Attorney General of Georgia, and lawyers in his office (or on contract employment with his office).

If you want to know what’s happening with the uncovering of the corruption-infested Georgia BOR, you should stay tuned to Jeff Chirico of CBS Atlanta (he has links available on this page to his Twitter and Facebook accounts).

Because you will NEVER see anything bad reported against the Board of Regents or University System of Georgia coming-out of any of the Cox Communications realm of news broadcasting/publishing.

Why? Because, based on previous attempts to get them to cover these stories over the years, as well as one reporter leaking the reason why they were told to “drop it” when their bosses discovered what they were working on, Cox Communications et al. is too afraid that the BOR/USG will cancel all their advertising/broadcast contracts that all the various college sports teams in the University System of Georgia have with the various properties of Cox around the state.

So, like the Communist News Network’s (“CNN”) protection of the Obama Administration, Cox would rather consider the world of the BOR/USG/AG to be a beautiful rose garden to visit and frolic in, but never report on the thorns or bugs inhabiting that rose garden.

Side Note #1: For those of you who believe that it is “okay” for a lawyer to, in the process of defending an organization like the BOR in a civil matter, engage in any means necessary to defend their client, including covering-up for people in the organization who are committing crimes, I’d like to direct your attention to Georgia State Bar Rule 1.13: Organization As a Client.

Though the maximum punishment for violating this particular rule is a “public reprimand,” the fact is that if the AG’s office is charged with representing the BOR in a civil case…and it finds as described in part (b) of that bar rule that someone in the BOR/USG is in violation of the law, and that person is actually harming the organization BY committing a crime against the State of Georgia, it is not his freaking job to proactively participate in a conspiracy to cover-up those crimes.

Unless, of course, perhaps, the State Bar of Georgia’s Ethics Committee disagrees with me, and would find that, in their minds, the proper action …”in the best interest of the organization…” is for the lawyer to conspire with the members of the organization to cover-up criminal wrongdoing???

Since I know that the ultimate “bar ethics committee” of the State Bar of Georgia is the Supreme Court of Georgia, it would actually not surprise me in the least if they found absolutely nothing wrong with what the folks on the Board of Regents and Sam Olens, et al. have done.

To the quite liberal, let’s-look-the-other-way-when-a-crime-is-at-our-feet justices of the GaSC, it is highly likely that if lawyers for the State of Georgia engage in acts to protect any Georgia state entity, regardless of whether crimes in violation of the Georgia RICO statute are committed in that protection racket, the majority of the liberal justices will find nothing wrong with what is going on in this case and others. (And, I can make this statement as an informed individual based on my documented research and writing of this 4-part series on the Web about the judicial branch of Georgia).

Side Note #2: To the folks in the 2014 Legislative Session…you folks may have to slow things down to deal with an impeachment process against the Attorney General (it’s spelled-out in the Georgia Constitution…you know…that document that all of you swear to uphold, but hardly any of you actually read or understand).

Oh…and to those of you in the State House and State Senate who are BFFs of Sam Olens (you know who you are…and, coincidentally, God knows exactly who you are)…If you act in any way to help Olens or the BOR or any state employee with any kind of bullshit, “fix-it-fast” legislation to help your BFF…well, you might find yourself dealing with personally defending a RICO charge as well. ‘Cause, your pal Sammy is going to be a little preoccupied to defend you for your actions.

Side Note #3: To State Senator Josh McKoon…this kind of case is why there’s a problem with your concept of assigning the AG’s office to be the agency to “assemble a grand jury” to investigate corrupt public officials.

The better solution for an office to directly be charged with the sole responsibility for investigating corrupt public officials and public employees in Georgia is to A) de-fund the ridiculously named “Inspector General” office as it currently exists, because all it is is a paper tiger of the Governor’s Office (it has no subpoena powers, nor law enforcement powers of any kind), and then B) place on the ballot an amendment to the Constitution of Georgia to add a new, statewide-elected constitutional officer who is the “Solicitor General” of Georgia whose sole duty it is would be to be responsible for, for example, investigating AG Olens after all the evidence is laid-out in the RICO lawsuit against him and his office.

Anything else you and the legislature try to compose with regards to giving the AG’s office ANY police powers over other elected officials will not work at all as long as part of his duties are to also act as “legal counsel” for all of the state agencies, boards, commissions, departments, etc. This one state elected officer should not have the power he has now, much less give him anymore powers to abuse.

Side Note #4: To the knuckleheads who were in the state legislature in 1983…Nice job in creating a crime family out of the State of Georgia with your 1983 amendment regarding the AG…of course, the majority of you were Democrats, so in a way, you were mini-mobsters looking out for your own breathren back then, weren’t you? That Sam Olens (a sorta, “former” Democrat, though, really, more like a RINO now) is now the AG kinda fits in really well with your original, collective thinking.

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