Lester Miller Replies to Charles Richardson


(Below is a comment by Bibb Board of education member Lester Miller to Charles Richardson’s latest  hit piece. Mr. Miller wrote this as a comment under the article by Mr. Richardson. I had already published my own rebuttal prior to Mr. Miller’s comment entitled Charles Richardson’s Latest Fusillade Against Bibb BOEBecause you need a subscription to read comments on the Telegraph website very few people are able to read comments. For that reason I thought it important enough that it deserved a wider audience. It is unedited except to add paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes.)

By Lester Miller Via Facebook

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Lester Miller

The new hand book is the final piece of all the hard work done by the current administration, current board and specifically member Jason Downey since the advancEd visit. This has not come down to a two month sprint but yet it is the culmination of the work done behind the scenes by Dr. Steve Smith, Dr. Gacutan and board members working together as a team. I remain confident that AdvancEd have closely followed the real changes made by the new administration and not simply the negative things portrayed by the media. A media whose sole purpose seems to be to vindicate the prior miracle workers administration. Everyone knows that the miracle worker (pun intended) created the issues with advancEd in the first place.

Its going to be a tough sell? really.. let me address your untruthful remarks about me first…”AdvanEd knows Lester Miller interfered with an investigation”. If the truth be told Lester Miller was in communication with the school board attorney and Superintendent throughout the alleged incident and cooperated fully with the District Attorneys investigation. AdvancEd was aware of the incident because Lester Miller self reported the incident to them voluntarily in writing. The end result was that there was no violation of policy. This self report was something no previous board member (or friends of a certain columnist ) had ever done before, although such action is required by our ethical code of conduct.

Of course even today the media continues to distort the facts. Yes, Jane Drennan was in charge of the accreditation process and she is no longer here. She was hand picked by Dallemand and the great work she did resulted in the districts placement on probation. Last, but not least, the (un)Welcome Center was reorganized under the leadership of Dr. Smith so that resources could be placed back into the schools where they were needed and reduce the number of ridiculously overpaid positions.

Finally, it is obvious from reading the editorials published and those selected in viewpoints on a frequent basis that there is an underlying agenda. While revisiting my votes against the buyout for Dallemand, against the promise center purchase, in support of the welcome center reorganization and in support of an investigation into criminal wrongdoing, it has become clear to me why I am constantly ridiculed. How do you justify continuous comments about a pto theft but yet ignore the 52 million dollar elephant in the room?

Please take note : I will never give your friend a penny let alone 10 million dollars and I will fully support a REAL investigation into the obvious criminal wrongdoing that others choose to ignore. We all know why they want us to look the other way don’t we? Extortion (also called shakedown, outwrestling, and exaction) is a criminal offense of obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. As always this is my personal opinion, I do not speak for the board nor have I been authorized to do so! God Bless