Honky Discusses Racism At a Bass Pro Shop


I happened to stumble across a video on Facebook. I am not much of a Facebook aficionado. I rarely check the news feed, but for some reason I decided to click play on this particular video and boy am I glad I did. The video I watched is not the one below but this one is worth watching as well. I’m a redneck and I love America. I looked at his channel and found this one below that I thought worth sharing.

First let me explain the title, this guy has a Youtube Channel and his name on Youtube is W Honky but his real name is Jorge Eugene Moran. He is a self-described redneck crusader fighting racism. He is a good ol’ boy that breaks almost every stereotype you can imagine.  I have reached out to him in the hopes he would agree to an interview. His videos are going viral and it is easy to understand why. He is a rising Youtube star. He may offend some and inspire others, but he is sure to make you question and think. The comments under his videos are almost universally positive with most wanting to give him a big hug.

When asked why he responded like that he said  “If I didn’t do something then It would make me a hypocrite, especially as much as I preach about white racial responsibility. As white folks we all have a moral responsibility to act and stand up against white supremacy no matter how small or overt it may be. What is worse than the actual racist is all the white folks that set in silence ignoring, denying and dismissing racism, not caring about racism is at the very core of the problem.”

Here is his original post on Facebook and this is his website.

Edit: When I posted those links both of those sites were working. They have both been taken down. I have updated his website with a cached version. In an article on Addicting Info published two days after my article here, it mentioned that he he prefers to use the name Dixon White and has a new Facebook page. His videos have now been viewed by millions and he now has a Facebook group called The Video Racial Healing Challenge. There’s also a web page, where all of the video responses are being gathered.

What would you had done if you had been that customer in the Bass Pro shop instead of Jorge Eugene Moran?