Homan Square Black Site Allegation: Cops Used Heroin to Force Confessions


By Jay Syrmopoulos


Chicago, Ill. – New allegations have surfaced involving the alleged black site at Homan Square. A man named Jose Gonzales claims that he was threatened with being injected with heroin to force him to talk while illegally being detained and interrogated.

According to The Fifth Column News:

It began the way most of the incidents involving Homan Square do. A no-knock raid sent police storming into his house. They wore no uniforms and arrived in an unmarked minivan. They said they had a warrant, but wouldn’t let him see it. His pregnant cousin was pushed to the ground, his grandmother and the kids in the house had automatic weapons shoved in their faces, and Jose was taken away. They searched the home and found no drugs.

He was placed in an interview room inside of Homan Square where there was red stuff on the floor that he believes was blood. The police began asking him questions about narcotics deals. Jose couldn’t answer the questions not just because he wasn’t really involved in drugs, but because the Jose Gonzales the cops were looking for was born in the 1960s. Jose is currently 27. The police weren’t happy with Jose’s constant denials and statements that he didn’t know anything. He repeatedly requested a lawyer, but he was never allowed one. That’s when they told the handcuffed and shackled Jose that they were going to inject him with heroin to make him talk.

When Jose was telling his story this was a tiny detail that he glossed by, and I’m not sure if he realized exactly how important the bizarre threat was. In talking to him it definitely seemed like he wanted me to know that they beat people in the place and that there was blood on the floor. The heroin threat was kind of an afterthought.

He went on to tell me about them finally realizing they had the wrong guy. They told him they were going to charge him with a misdemeanor involving marijuana even though they didn’t find any pot. He had been held for more than 24 hours without access to a lawyer before he was allowed to leave. The officers didn’t allow Jose to use the phone to call somebody to pick him up and since he didn’t have any cash, Jose had to walk several miles back to his home. He never received a court date for the misdemeanor.

The fact that John Hubbard is alleged to have died at Homan Square site, due to an “accidental” heroin overdose, cannot be separated from the allegations made by Gonzales.

How is it that while being detained at Homan Square Hubbard was able to shoot up?

Given what has come to light about the conditions while being detained, it would seem almost an impossibility that he would have been able to shoot the drugs on his own while being detained at the facility.

Perhaps he could have ingested the drugs prior to his detention. However, that wouldn’t seemingly account for timing of his death in police custody, as heroin overdoses are acute and happen almost immediately after ingesting the drug.

This in turn begs the question of whether Hubbard voluntarily consumed the heroin prior to his overdose death in police custody. Or was he perhaps forced to ingest it by officers on site similarly to the threats made against Gonzales?

Additionally, Fifth Column News reported that they have confirmed that officers operating out of Homan Square have access to the evidence locker at the facility that holds seized narcotics, including heroin.

As more and more victims come forward to report their illegal detentions at Homan Square, it has become impossible for the allegations first reported on by the Guardian to be swept under the rug.

The denial of constitutional protections of U.S citizens has ominous implications that cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

Why is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel not calling for a full investigation Homan Square? What is the city of Chicago trying to hide?

The international human rights group Amnesty International has called on Emanuel to open an independent and impartial investigation into the allegations made about human rights violations at the Homan Square facility and make the results public.

In addition, they have requested that they and other independent human and civil rights organizations and monitors be allowed full, unrestricted access to the Homan Square facility.

If Mayor Emanuel won’t investigate and hold accountable those under his command, the Department of Justice must begin a full investigation into the Homan Square site and related rights violations.

The mainstream media has been deafeningly silent about Homan Square in an attempt to ignore this story in hopes that it will simply go away.

We will not allow that to happen and will continue to shine a light on this story. A full investigation must be undertaken to ascertain exactly what has taken place at this facility, and those guilty of violating citizens constitutional rights must be held accountable under the law.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on BenSwann.com and WeAreChange.org. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.


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