Governor Nathan Deal’s Situational Ethics


ATLANTA—Carter for Governor campaign manager Matt McGrath issued the following statement regarding a news report of a complaint filed by a major donor to Gov. Deal’s campaign:

“This is a pathetic and transparent attempt to deflect attention from the never-ending ethical quagmire in which Gov. Deal finds himself. Georgia voters are learning more every day about the pattern of abuse and intimidation that led to a jury verdict and settlements with whistleblowers exceeding $3 million, as well as the extreme lengths he and his top aides have taken to cover up their misdeeds.

“The complaint is utterly without merit. We followed both the spirit and the letter of the law, as we have throughout the campaign. The event in question took place after the legislative session had concluded, and Georgia campaign finance law allows candidates to raise for political parties.

“This complaint is all the more laughable given that Gov. Deal held a $10,000-per-person fundraiser in the middle of legislative session with another embattled governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey. That fundraiser benefited his biggest political benefactor, the Republican Governors Association. The RGA spent more than $6.5 million on his behalf in 2010, and has already spent $1.5 million this year to prop up his flailing campaign.”

Through a spokesperson, Gov. Deal today refused to reject this frivolous complaint filed by his major donor. As a result, the Carter for Governor campaign is counter-filing with two complaints against Gov. Deal. The first concerns the RGA fundraiser that Gov. Deal held during the legislative session. The second concerns an invitation to a Deal for Governor fundraiser that Gov. Deal’s campaign sent during the legislative session.