Georgia Watchdog Newsletter March 3, 2015


sovereign immunity definition

gov corruptionThere are several watchdog groups in Georgia and among the best and most active is GEORGIAWATCHDOGS.COM. Most of these watchdog groups try and work together to help spread accurate information to the public as well as to help provide resources and advice to whistleblowers and others.

Without watchdog groups, our already corrupt state would even be far worse than it already is. For that reason I am proud to be able to share with you their latest newsletter. This includes all the 12 cases I just published in my previous article along with  a lot of great information.

Please download or share on social media. Information is power and corruption relies on our silence, ignorance, and acquiescence. Georgia needs to abolish Sovereign immunity once and for all like many other states have done so that justice can be served and governmental officials can no longer abuse people without fear of any repercussion. 

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Georgia Watchdogs Newsletter March 3 2015 PDF


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