Two Georgia Educators Lampooned on National TV


I have written several articles about the Dublin, GA teacher that told some students their parents are evil if they voted for Obama. She doubled down by also going even further and saying you can’t be a Christian if you support Obama, that he supports late-term abortions, and is also a Muslim. Months after she uttered these outrageous comments to the students and then to the parents as well, she will be allowed to retire with a pension next year.

When this all happened I tweeted links to my articles to a few national shows that I thought would likely be interested in covering this story. Among those I tweeted were the Daily Show and the Nightly Show. In the most recent episode Larry Wilmore lampooned Nancy Perry along with another Georgia educator who scolded black parents from leaving a commencement ceremony even though she had dismissed them.

Here are the clips from the episode relevant to Nancy Perry. Good to know the power of Twitter to shine a spotlight on outrageous local stories and put them squarely in front of a national T.V. audience.

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