Here is your document Mr. Richardson


Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.38.29 AM

I suppose the fact that Cliffard Whitby is  the director of the Central Georgia Partnership for Individual and Community Development was not sufficient proof for Mr. Richardson. CGPICD are the ones behind Promise at Ballard.  The screenshot above was his reply on his part 3  called An Accounting today. I have no doubt there are many more people involved besides Mr. Whitby. I think during that period of time Jimmie Samuel appeared to be the one that made the decisions concerning the Promise Neighborhood from my understanding of reading all available documents. He is now deceased however. Cliffard Whitby has been the frontman on TV and at meetings, but I believe many others that are far more camera-shy are behind this outrageous lease the Bibb taxpayers are now currently stuck paying. They have good reason to fear the public scrutiny considering the terms of this lease are outrageously expensive and place an unfair burden on the Bibb BOE.

You asked for any document related to Promise that contained the name Cliffard Whitby, well here you go Mr. Richardson. I suppose all the references to CGPICD were not enough proof for you. Make sure and read my other story entitled  Why the Public has Doubts about the Promise Neighborhood in Macon

From Page 8:

On July 25, 2012, Ebony Harris, the MPN’s Project Director, e-mailed a message to Mr.

Collier at 11:55 a.m. That message stated the following: Mr. Collier,

I was asked by Mr. Cliffard Whitby Macon Promise Neighborhood, Executive Director and Mr. Jimmie Samuel Partnership for Individual and Community Development, President to forward a copy of the attached invoice to you. Please note that Mr. Samuel is out oftown until tomorrow. If you have any question regarding this Invoice please contact Mr. Whitby at 478-.

Ebony Harris, Project Director Macon Promise Neighborhood 



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