Words that Start with D to Describe Nathan Deal (humor)


I like to consider myself a bit of a wordsmith and enjoy games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. I am certainly no fan of Nathan Deal and I truly hope this man is Defeated in the election as that would be DEE-lightful and Teddy Roosevelt would say. Although he deserves an F for his performance as Governor, we will bump his grade up a bit to stay consistent with the theme and give him a D-.

Today a thought popped in my head, there sure are an awful lot of words that begin with the letter D that seem to be Descriptive of Nathan Deal. So I decided to make a list all in good fun. Now, not all from the list are serious and a few are included just in jest or for a laugh, but I tried to be Deliberately Detailed and not Deny my readers 

Words that start with D: (Nathan) Deal, Derelict, Dummy, Denial, Danger, Disaster, Depends Diapers, Destroy, Despicable, Detrimental, Disgraced,  Despise, Dismal, Deplorable, Distress, Dreadful, Dreary, Dishonorable, Dirty, Disease, Destroyer, Douche-Bag, Dimwit, Dastardly, Defunct, Depressed, Depression, Dismay, Dumb-ass, Ding-Dong, Death, Decimate, Die, Deny, Devil, Dodo, Doo-Doo, Doofus, Demon, Demonic, Deadbeat, Deceiver, Debt, Dick, Defiler, Dejected, Denounced, Demeritorious, Demise, Defund (Education), Deforestation, Degenerate, Delirious, Depraved, Delusional, Dementia, Demented, Depose, Deposition, Desperate, Derisive, Divisive, Demolish, Decline, Drunk, Dazed, Deleterious, Doozy, Dolt. Doh!,  Duck, Destruction, Dictator, Despot, Desires Dollars, Delete (Jobs & HOPE Scholarships) Diarrhea, Dispersions, Doubt, Defecate, Devious, Dizzy,  Destitute, Disgusting, Doldrums, Dysfunctional, Disheartened, and hopefully soon Defeated & Deposed and a Defendant in a trial as a result of the current FBI Investigation he has Deftly Dodged. 


Let’s help Jason Carter Deliver a Devastating Democrat Donkey Kick and vote Deal out of office! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.43.10 PM

And while we are at it let’s make sure to keep both Tweedle-Deal and Tweedle-Due both out of office. The only good word that starts with D for the Georgia mid-term election of 2014 is Democrat. See some words I missed that should be on the list? Add them in the comments!