Basil Ghali’s Parents Forced To Testify Under Subpoena at Grand Jury


Dr. Jalal Ghali and his wife Dr. Jinan Ghali were issued a subpoena to testify at their 24-year old son Basil’s upcoming Grand Jury case. Their attorney Laura Hogue filed a motion in Bibb County Superior Court Monday seeking to quash subpoenas seeking their testimony but it was denied by Judge Howard Simms. We have no information on the date of the upcoming Grand Jury case.

Attorney Hogue had used the argument that it would “bring infamy, disgrace or public contempt” on their family unless prosecutors can prove their testimony is “material” to the case against their son. In my opinion that was a real “Hail Mary” and Judge Sims wasn’t biting. When are eyewitnesses on the scene at the time ever not “material” to an aggravated assault charge with shots fired at people?

Of course their testimony is material since one and possibly both parents were home at the time shots were fired. Both parents almost certainly know who fired the shots as well as other relevant information that will be useful to help a Grand Jury to get to the truth.

Immediately after the shots were fired Dr. Jalal Ghali spoke to concerned neighbors who came out into the yard worried about their own safety. The neighbors reportedly told Dr. Ghali this wasn’t the first time they had heard shots fired from his house. From that same conversation he allegedly had with the neighbor it was also inferred he had a good idea who the shooter was.

It was also Dr. Jalal Ghali that spoke with deputies not long after the shots were fired and sent them on their way after telling them he needed to speak to his attorney and to come back in the morning because he was “on call”. There would have been no reason to disclose he needed to speak to an attorney about shots fired if he didn’t have knowledge about who fired them.

Both Dr. Jalal Ghali and his wife Dr. Jinan Ghali will have immunity for their testimony from anything they disclose. Husbands and wives can’t be forced to testify against each other but this doesn’t apply to testifying about grown children.

District Attorney David Cooke also said Dr. Jinan Ghali was home when her son allegedly fired shots at fishermen on the lake from a balcony of their Lotus Point Drive house on March 21.

Basil Ghali is now charged with aggravated assault which carries a much stiffer penalty than the former reckless conduct charge.

We will continue to release any updates.


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