Basil Ghali Was Arrested in Detroit With Assault Rifle


Rifle that uses 7.62 Ammo

We have obtained an arrest record for an incident that occurred on January 9, 2012 in Detroit, MI. Basil Ghali was stopped by police and they recovered a clear plastic vial of suspected marijuana. On further inspection of the Hyundai vehicle he was driving the police officer discovered two magazines of 7.62 ammunition for  an assault rifle. One was empty and one contained and unknown number of rounds. Rifles that take 7.62 ammo are also referred to as battle rifles. 

They then discovered an assault rifle in the trunk. The type or model of the rifle found in the trunk was not identified but the picture to the left is one example of a type that uses  7.62 ammunition. There are many makes and models so we cannot be sure which one was confiscated. He was arrested on Violation of Controlled Substances Act  in conjunction with possession of the assault rifle.

I will paste the text of the report below as well as a copy of the report itself.

Basil Ghali

Basil Ghali


A: Basil Ghali, w/m/21, of , Dearborn MI 48210
S: Investigation

c: 8-32 (PO Skender and PO Lewis) working in an unmarked surveillance vehicle was on fixed surveillance on a suspected narcotic location (6885 Rutland) and observed a blk Hyundai speeding northbound Rutland from Whitlock and pulled into the driveway of 6885 Rutland. They both observed 4 individuals exit from the vehicle and go into 6885 Rutland. After several minutes, they observed an Arab male, 2 black males and a black female get into the vehicle and speed northbound Rutland, turned onto eastbound West Warren without signalling and advised myself and partners of observations and began to follow the same Hyundai.

We were travelling eastbound West Warren and observed the same black Hyundai turn onto west Warren and I positioned the scout car behind the same vehicle (black 2010 hyundai 12/mi cej 3163) turn southbound into the 3 nicks bar located at Abington and West Warren, observed the vehicle drive over the curb then turned onto northbound Abington, cutting off a red truck that was stopping right before West Warren. I then activated a traffic stop for same and PO Miller investigated the driver (Basil Ghali) for traffic offense. PO Miller investigated the driver, had him exit the vehicle and placed him into custody and advised partners that he recovered a clear plastic vial of suspect marijuana and was arrested for vccsc.

7.62 ammo

7.62 ammo

I then did a wingspan search of the vehicle for possible suspect marijuana and opened the glovebox and observed two magazines for a 7.62 assault rifle (one was empty and the other contained an unk amount of 7.62 ammunition) and advised my partners of same. PO Jones advised me that there was a rifle in the trunk. I then opened the trunk and observed an assault rifle, unloaded one live round from the chamber and recovered same. The three other occupants of the vehicle (see below) were released from the scene and the vehicle was towed for forfeiture by J and C Tow, control number nw136d and the arrestee was conveyed to the sixth pct for processing and housing. Per Sgt Spencer at narcotics, due to Basil Ghali possessing the rifle in conjunction with the marijuana made it vcsa.

O: above circumstance

T: 1 clear plastic vial of suspect marijuana-et#e43047004
blk 7.62x39mm ser#afa2067 assault rifle-et#e43047104
1-empty magazine,1-magazine unk amount of bullets-et#e43047204 blk 2010 Hyundai 12/mi cej 3163-et#e43047304


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