Mount de Sales President David Held and Allen Peake on leaked Ashley Madison List


Sometimes articles take a lot of time, research, and thought…and sometimes they just write themselves. This is the latter. Two of the most vocal and well-known opponents of same sex marriage in Middle Georgia, State Representative Allen Peake R-Macon and David Held the President of Mount de Sales Academy, (the very same school that fired a teacher when they learned he wished to wed his longtime male partnerseem to have been outed as hypocrites in the latest Ashley Madison leaked files.


I recently received this tip about Mr. Held.

Have you been keeping up with the Ashley Madison cheating site shenanigans? Someone just told me the diocese is investigating David Held, president of MDS for being on the client list of that site. Not sure if this is something you would be interested in but you are so good at putting things out there when justice needs to be served. He’s the same man who fired the band director for being gay! I hope you can do your thing!  I hope they don’t sweep it under the rug. At least Peake has admitted his role…I haven’t heard a thing out of Mr. Held thus far. Anyway, thanks for doing what you can, as always, with your site. I am looking forward to seeing this develop. Normally I wouldn’t care, but the hypocricy of it all makes my blood boil, after he fired Mr. Dollar for his lifestyle now he’s on a cheating site. What’s good for the goose….lol. Thanks!

After I received the tip above I  followed through with my own research and found a copy of the leaked Ashley Madison list with the names of many other notable Middle Georgians and noticed their names on the list. The Macon Telegraph published an article around a week ago but failed to out any specific individuals to my knowledge. Normally this is the sort of thing I avoid because I just don’t don’t think cheating wives or husbands is newsworthy or any of my business. But when you are in positions of power and choose to actively oppose and fight against equality in marriage laws for gay citizens or fire them you better make damn sure you aren’t a cheating hypocrite. You better rise to the standards of Caesar’s wife and be above even the suspicion of cheating.

Don't cast stones when you live in a glass house

Don’t cast stones when you live in a glass house

David Held used the excuse that Mount de Sales was all about protecting traditional marriage when he chose to fire Flint Dollar. I feel the most sacrosanct tenet of any marriage is fidelity. Fidelity includes refraining from physical contact but it also means complete commitment and trust which can be shattered by joining cheating apps. When you join those type of apps you would be well-advised to keep your trap shut when you try and deny marriage to other people. After all throwing stones inside a glass house might cause you to get a bad cut.

I have no idea if Mr. Held or Mr. Peake ever had any extramarital relations nor do I really care, but their membership on Ashley Madison alone shows they are doing far more damage to their marriages than allowing two committed and consenting gay individuals in love could ever do.  Chances are if someone is on one of those cheating/hook-up sites they also tend to be on about a dozen more as well. When you vocally oppose gay marriage because you think it harms so-called  “traditional” marriage you better not get caught cheating on your wife or husband. Getting a divorce three times also would suggest you really should keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to same sex couples and marriage licenses and just do your job.

At least Allen Peake had the nerve to admit he was on the leaked info in an email entitled Tough News.

“Recently a list was published of Georgians that have been on the Ashley Madison website, and my name was on that list. And yes, the truth is that several years ago, I was on this site during a very difficult period in my marriage,” Peake wrote. “It was stupid and I was an idiot for going on there.”

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Allen Peake. On the one hand I laud his efforts at pushing  cannabis oil in Georgia but also understand the bill he pushed leaves many people out in the cold with no relief in sight. His bill might be a baby step forward, but will now make it harder to make needed improvements later than had no bill been passed at all. I also realize that he folded on in-state growing which makes it extremely expensive and dangerous for the few people this bill might help to ever acquire any oil. Homophobia was also part of the reason HIV was left off the cannabis oil bill as an approved medical condition.

Allen Peake has a gay brother which makes his opposition to same sex marriage even more puzzling to me. In a TV interview with WMAZ Peake had this to say.

This has been a very difficult issue and one that’s tough to address. I have a gay brother and I love him dearly and will love him ’til the day he dies, and I want to make sure that he never is discriminated against for his sexual orientation.”

“But I also want to balance the fact that there are those who have a religious conviction that ought to allow them to not be involved in an activity that would violate that religious conviction. That’s a fine balance that has to be taken.”

Such brotherly love.  😥