A District Attorney in Georgia Wrote an Introduction in a Book Praising Hitler

l craig fraser

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The disgusting text in italics below was written by  L. Craig Fraser for a book called THE TESTAMENT OF ADOLF HITLER. – April 1945: L. Craig Fraser edition, circa 1972 page 58 (xiii).

“The document you are about to read is one of great  historical importance to the White men of the world. It  is Hitler’s political testament, the last earthly thoughts of this great White racial leader— the last window to be  opened into the phenomenal mind of Adolf Hitler.

And what a mind Hitler had! Surely even his enemies, the anti-Christ Jews, will admit to the superiority of his mental powers. To deny this, to say (as some say) that ”he was a mere froth casually thrown up by the swirling waters of social change” is a desperate attempt by pseudo-intellectuals, who rarely emerge from the gloom of their libraries into the light of day, to belittle a man who was a phoenix in human history. A man who inaugurated the final struggle of the White man, the Aryan, for mastery of the earth— one of those rare and remarkable personalities  who appear but once in thousands of years to give despairing mankind a new symbol of hope and renewal. Even if one does not accept this estimate of Hitler, he must admit that Hitler did what no other man in our history has done. He devised, made, and carried out a White racial revolution from start to finish, from nothing to world empire. He attempted what no other man in history dared think of— disinfect the West, lance the Communist abscess, and get rid of the Jewish poison. THERE IS NO PARALLEL OF SUCH A REMARKABLE FIGURE IN ALL OF HISTORY.” L. Craig Fraser

The book is still available for sale on Amazon. In fact when you Google the name L. Craig Fraser you will see a lot of links to this book and other links to more racist rants.  I did not copy the entire introduction by L. Craig Fraser for this book because it is too long, but you can view the full text version of the introduction here.

He also wrote the introduction to the book Twilight Over England – The Path to Democracy Is the Road to Oblivion by William Joyce, a Nazi radio propagandist during World War II. Click here to read his introduction to that book where he refers to Jewish people as a “virus spreading across Europe”.

So by this point you are probably asking why a book introduction from the 1970’s by a Neo-Nazi named L. Craig Fraser is relevant in 2015?

l craig fraser

Dublin Judicial Circuit District Attorney L. Craig Fraser

Because L. Craig Fraser is the current  District Attorney for the Dublin Judicial circuit serving Laurens, Treutlen, Twiggs and Johnson Counties in Georgia!

Yes, you read that correctly a person that wrote an introduction in a book praising Adolf Hitler was elected as the District Attorney. In case you are wondering why this has never come out before now,  it has and he still won!

In an odd coincidence there is another Craig Fraser in England that is the leader of the racist radicals as a fitness instructor and author.

I found this AP article from fifteen years ago. But what I found very interesting is the article didn’t include much of the text above or go in to much detail. This would have made national headlines had it happened this year, just ask the University of Oklahoma’s now defunct SAE fraternity.

Brad_Bunch_Hour_Grid_1976The old article seemed to downplay these past racist statements as ancient history even though it wasn’t all that long ago. This is the mid 1970’s while some were watching the Brady Bunch on TV, Craig Fraser was busy singing the praises of Hitler in books.  It even included a quote from a prominent black community member saying he was forgiven as proof that he was a “changed man”. I am not so easily convinced by contrived remorse.

The article did mention that  L. Craig Fraser campaigned during the 1970s for white supremacist gubernatorial candidate J.B. Stoner and wrote anti-Semitic material for so-called hate groups. To put your name on a book praising Adolf Hitler requires a degree of hatred that makes his magical transformation look rather dubious and convenient. You are no longer a kid in your 20’s and your views are well-formed by that age. A manufactured apology à la Jimmy Swaggart is hardly convincing proof that he truly left those views behind. You don’t go from thinking Hitler was a hero to a zero quite that quickly.

The slogan he ran on to become D.A. is “Prayer is not a Crime” and it is still on his website– he hung that sign up across from the courthouse on top of one of the buildings there. I am sure many of the victims Hitler exterminated in the Holocaust also prayed before they were corralled to their deaths in gas chambers at places like Auschwitz. I especially wonder what WWII vets in Dublin felt about this revelation about their D.A.’s past hero.

Local residents in Dublin may remember a big production of Fraser going to each and every one of the black churches and speaking and saying that he had sinned and that he has repented and that he was a new man and cannot be held to what he wrote in his 20’s. As far as he is concerned, he has made right with the community, made right with his family and made right with himself — but most important, he has made right with God and God has forgiven him.  If Jesus can forgive him, then why shouldn’t we?

That is a valid question, but his introduction to a book praising Hitler is a far cry from saying the n-word a few times in your 20’s. This was not a some careless slip up. This was a very deliberative process that took a lot of contemplation and time to write. This was far more heinous than singing some racist chant at a party where you think no one else will hear. He wrote a book introduction because he wanted the entire world to know that he thought Hitler was a “remarkable man”. The SAE idiots never thought in a million years anyone would hear them. Big difference.  Ever notice how people only appear to be truly sorry when they get caught?

2015 is a very different time than the 1970’s or even the year 2000 when these revelations were dismissed as unimportant. Mr. Fraser didn’t break any laws with his writing,  but is he really the best person Laurens County can find to be their District Attorney? I would hate to be a Jewish defendant with him as the prosecutor with this knowledge.

How low do you have to set the bar not to be able to find a lawyer that hasn’t supported a white supremacist for Governor or hasn’t written an introduction praising Adolf Hitler or isn’t an alcoholic? The defeated opponent claimed he had gone to AA and hadn’t touched a drop in years but Fraser in a debate still used that against him by saying they needed “sober” leadership. Why shouldn’t that same standard be applied to a “reformed” racist? What blatant hypocrisy that he expects forgiveness and yet bashes his opponent for being an alcoholic years earlier therefore offering no forgiveness.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I think former Neo-Nazi’s and skinheads can transform their views and turn their lives around. Watch this interview with  Christian Picciolini, a former skinhead leader who has now dedicated his life to combating hate through peaceful means. TJ Leyden is another great example of a reformed member of the Hammerskin Nation, one of the largest and oldest neo-Nazi racist skinhead groups. Watch his powerful video and there will be little doubt he is remorseful and a changed man. Another reformed skinhead, Bryon Widner was so desperate to rid himself of the racist tattoos that covered his face — so desperate that he turned to former enemies for help, and was willing to endure months of pain. All three of these men are spending the remainder of their lives actively fighting hate.

L. Craig Fraser has done none of those things. Where are his introduction to books condemning those movements for example. Besides an apology tour to a few black churches AFTER his old writings were made public, I haven’t found any evidence that he has done much to actively fight or speak out against Neo-Nazi’s, racism, homophobia, or anti-Semitism in a meaningful or impactful way.

Fast Forward Dublin, Georgia – Middle of the Bible Belt – Early Year 2015

While driving into Dublin, GA this is a billboard you might see. The words say “Joe McCarthy; a True American Hero: Right All Along.” That’s scary as hell .  The “trailer” on which it is draped is an old Evan’s Cabinet Company cabinet-moving-trailer. It is sitting on Evans Cabinet Company property. The company is owned by Clyde Evans a wealthy local businessman who is very politically involved.

Welcome to Dublin, GA

Welcome to Dublin, GA. Photograph taken on April 11, 2015

Dublin Public School White Teacher tells her 13-year old black students that Obama is not a Christian – which is a type of social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin Public School White Teacher tells black students that if any of their black parents voted for Obama, then their black parents are not Christian —   which is a type of social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin Public School White Teacher’s Board of Education White Husband sits in on the black parents’ “parent-teacher” conference and has ready at hand a list of seven reasons our President is not a Christian – again, which is a type of social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin Public School White Teacher’s Board of Education White Husband has a “side job” of letting people know his right-wing views on political issues, such as the peril of gay marriage – again, “being called gay in the Bible Belt” – it is a social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin Public School White Teacher and her White Husband’s close friend and prominent white business man – supports the Public School Teacher’s religious condemnation of our President – calling out our President as “not a Christian” – which is a social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin Public School White Teacher and her White Husband’s close friend and prominent white business man – says he doesn’t talk to Obama voters, but when he does, he orders Large Fries.

Dublin Board of Education White Husband of the Obama-is-no-Christian White  Teacher – he has promised us all a “strong” rebuttal in defense of his White wife who has judged our Black President as no Christian – which is a social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

Dublin White Superintendent says this is all just a “slap on the wrist” situation and that it will not happen again.  Read “Shut Up!”  The teacher will not be fired!  The husband on the board of eduction will not be ushered out!

Dublin White District Attorney – who wrote the preface to “The Testament of Adolf Hitler” and whose first sentence in such preface was and is, “The document you are about to read is one of great historical importance to the White men of the world.”

Silence from any sane voices from the Dublin Community.

And people in Dublin ask why the NAACP is involved when a white teacher asks her black students to prove their Christianity to her because the black President their black parents voted is not Christian, does evil and, if their black parents voted for our first black President – then their black parents are no Christians either – which is a social “death” sentence in the Bible Belt.

What is going on in Dublin, Georgia? Looks like this is a long standing STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. How long has this been going on and why isn’t more being said against it?

I want to end this article by saying that I know there are a lot of good people in Dublin. I know the town and the people well and have many friends in the community. This article is not meant to attack all the people in Dublin or Laurens County. I would even say that the vast majority of white people in Laurens county are good and decent people that are just as appalled as many others outside the county when they learned the facts about the Nancy Price and their D.A.

But, for too long a cancer has been allowed to spread in Dublin unchallenged and unfettered and it’s time it was excised. This racist and religious bigotry evident in people in positions of power is an embarrassment to Laurens County and all vestiges need to be removed. The good people of conscience can no longer afford to sit back and quietly tolerate this behavior.

How can we forget the past when that same mentality still tramples over those less powerful in the Dublin community to this day? Will the Real Dublin, Georgia please stand up and do something about it? Let your voices be heard. Use the most powerful weapon you have which is your right to vote.

If the good people of Dublin want things to change, it is time to speak up against racism, against homophobia, against anti-Semitism, and any other forms of discriminatory and backwards thinking. Stop electing these people into office.

Welcome to 2015.


Additional Notes of Interest

71TtlDh8O4LFraser also wrote the introduction to the book Twilight Over England – The Path to Democracy Is the Road to Oblivion by William Joyce, a Nazi radio propagandist during World War II.

Corruption on the Rise Exposed

Former supremacist wins DA contest

Past still haunts DA candidate

Note: He attended Atlanta Law school. A now defunct night school that closed because it could not meet ABA requirements for the bar exam. It was not accredited by the ABA.

Also curious to note on what appears to be an old campaign website there is a message at the bottom advertising how to order abortion pills online. The link takes you to a broken website but rather odd to see nonetheless. Screenshot below.