Ever Wondered who sang the 13 WMAZ Theme Song?


I am one of those people that never really grew out of the little boy that pestered my parents relentlessly with questions like:  who would win between an alligator and a lion and a million other inane questions. Thanks to the internet,  whenever I wonder about something it is relatively easy and fast to look up the answer which is a godsend to someone with my impatience.

However, I was stumped when it came to whom was behind the theme song played at the end of the 13 WMAZ broadcast at 6:00 PM every night. I really liked the sound of the singer’s voice and I was curious if he was local or not. I also wanted to check out more of his music.

I am very talented when it comes to boolean searches which was essential in the early days of the internet when Mosaic was the only browser around.  In fact, I can usually find exactly what I am looking for on the first try. On the WMAZ broadcast they begin the segment with the words Straight from the Heart, as well as This is Home. I searched with those terms and about of dozen various combinations but all I could find were other themes songs and not the one I was looking for. Mostly they resulted in a song by Louise Warren and a few other local singers but completely different songs and singers. None of the WMAZ songs on Youtube or anywhere else listed the song I was after for some reason.There is also no mention on the news broadcast itself or their website. Many have asked them on their Facebook page as well but the question was always ignored.

But undaunted and also extremely stubborn, I finally had a Shazam moment. (literally)  I used an app on my iPhone 5s called Shazam which is free from the app store that listens to any song for just a few seconds and then identifies the title and artist from a massive catalogue of songs in the database and even allows you to buy the song directly from iTunes.

So without further adieu the actual name of the song is called “This is the Place” and the singer is Wes Quave Ft Concrete. Apparently the Savannah Fox affiliate WTGS uses it as well along with many other stations around the country. He has a very melodic voice which reminded me of younger Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, with a dash of Michael Jackson.  I had imagined him to be an African-American probably in his early 20’s but was surprised to see that he was both white and appears to be in his 40’s so I was wrong on both counts.

Here is their promo video with Wes Quave. This New Orleans native makes his home in LA and has a cover band that tours the world. As I suspected he is pretty well known and has worked with some very big artists like Babyface, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, and Toni Braxton to name but a few. I will also include a few more videos featuring him. I am sure I was not the only one curious about who sang this song and hope I helped answer this  once and for all. Mystery solved.